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The University of Mississippi

Engaged Learning Opportunity (ELO)

IMPACT Scholars can apply for Engaged Learning Opportunity (ELO) grants in their junior year. ELO grants awards can be up to $2,500. 

What is an ELO?

An ELO is a short-term experience that takes students outside of the classroom to active engagement with hands-on activities or experiences. These short-term experiences are typically led by UM faculty, community professionals, or a combination of both. ELO’s can happen during any semester or intersession term.  

The IMPACT program’s ELO Grants are eligible for these UM programs and activities: 

How do I apply for an ELO Grant?

  • Schedule an appointment with your success coach to discuss your ELO options.
  • Research the program or activity that fits your interests and major by exploring the list of UM programs and activities. Each ELO has different application deadlines and requirements.
  • Apply for an ELO by working with your success coach and academic advisor for assistance. 
  • Submit an ELO grant application by logging into the Forum with your OleMiss username and password. 

Your success coach can help with each step of finding an ELO and submitting the Impact ELO grant application. 

When should I apply for an ELO grant?

You should apply for an ELO grant immediately after you secure an ELO. The deadline to submit an ELO grant application is the last day of finals week each semester. 

Not sure where to start? Contact Dr. Kristina Phillips at for assistance.